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Grow your business while we handle Compliances. We ensure timely fulfilment of  various compliances once your business is incorporated.

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Overview of company incorporation services

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Company Law Compliance Services

Get more freedom by handing over your Company law and Secretarial practise to us.

Our experienced team with deep understanding of ROC and Company Law compliances help you with complying various provisions related to companies act and secretarial practice.

Services included

 Closure of companies
  Rights Issue Of Shares By Private Company
 Add or Remove Director
DIN KYC Filing

Frequently asked questions

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Any company incorporated in India must ensure compliance as per Companies Act, 2013.  The Companies Act 2013 is a law that regulates incorporation of a company, responsibilities of a company, directors, dissolution of a company.

The Registrar of Companies (ROC) is an office under the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs that deals with administration of the companies and Limited Liability Partnerships as per Companies Act, 2013.

The Registrar of Company takes care of company registration, statutory requirements under the Companies Act, complete reporting and regulation of companies and their directors and shareholders, and also oversees government reporting of various matters including the annual filling of various documents.

Below is the list of major mandatory RoC compliances for a private limited company. A) Appointment of auditor Meeting of Boards of Director
B) Statutory audit of accounts
C) Filing of annual returns and financial statements
D) Holding Annual General Meeting (AGM)
E) Prepare directors’ report
Please note Companies Act is not a one-time thing, but is a continuous affair.

TaxAura has team on experts who can handle all your company compliances with ease. You can focus on core business while we take care of all tax and regulatory compliance work for you. We also guide and provide valuable business insights to help you grow and take right decisions in business.

Non adherence to statutory Compliance leads to payment of heavy fines and indirect loss to companies. Thus all business owner are advised to ensure they are always compliant with all regulations and rules.

There are three mandatory compliance requirements to be followed by LLPs.
1. Filing of Annual Return
2. Filing of Statement of the Accounts or Financial Statements
3. Filing of Income Tax Returns

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